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Over Taleton

Taleton Eco Guesthouse is located in Xirokambi at the foot of the Taygetos mountain range. It is the ideal base for activities in the beautiful surroundings. Walk or cycle through olive and orange groves and visit ancient monasteries and mountain villages in the majestic mountains. Visit Sparta for fascinating museums and Mystras for the impressive remains of an abandoned Byzantine city. For relaxation by the sea, the picturesque harbor town of Gythion with its beautiful sandy beaches is highly recommended.

During your stay, you’ll spend the night in a stylish room within a characteristic building. Enjoy a breakfast featuring local products, allowing you to taste the flavors of the region. We aim for you to feel at home in the cozy atmosphere of our communal living room with a fireplace. The shaded terrace and garden with olive and orange trees offer you a peaceful place to relax. The swimming pool is perfect for a refreshing dip before joining the locals at the lively village square. Crown your day with a fine meal at one of the many welcoming eateries. We hope you’ll have an unforgettable stay with us.

The building of Taleton Eco Guesthouse has a nice history


Taleton Eco Guesthouse has a remarkable story that revolves around the famous Greek olive oil. The place where the guesthouse now stands used to be an olive oil storage facility. Especially during the olive harvest, many people were busy here every day. Over time, other methods for storing olive oil emerged. The storage facility lost its function and was demolished. The guesthouse was built with stones from the storage facility. In this way, Taleton Eco Guesthouse opened its doors to guests in 2009, with a rich history that is still palpable.

Upon entering Taleton, your eye is immediately drawn to a glass plate in the floor. Below it, you can see a well-preserved underground olive oil tank. The enormous tank, made of marble stone from the Taygetos mountain range in 1916, has a capacity of 42,000 liters of olive oil. Enough to provide oil for 600 families for a year. It is a fascinating piece of heritage that reflects the rich history of the region.

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“Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one”

Our vision and mission revolve around the idea that change begins with ourselves. Sustainability is central to our guesthouse because we care about the world around us. We feel a responsibility and connection to our envi-ronment and strive for equal rights for all people and cultures on earth. We believe that protecting resources and creating economic systems that cater to everyone’s needs are essential for future generations.

To minimize Taleton’s footprint, we take various measures. We use ecological cleaning products, limit the use of plastic, engage in recycling, and utilize local products to contribute to the local economy. We carefully consider every purchase we make. We strive to inform our guests well so that they have an authentic experi-ence, and we take good care of our employees.
Shifting towards a sustainable and responsible business model is a step-by-step process that we are undertak-ing. We invite you to contribute to this effort so that together we can bring about positive change.

Team Taleton welcomes her guests

Our team

Carolien Slooff welcomes you at the guesthouse. Greece feels like a second home to me, a country that inspires and fascinates me. Entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to realize dreams brought me to Taleton Eco Guesthouse. I have worked in the tourism industry and for Doctors Without Borders. I am also a passionate yoga instructor and hiker, always ready for a new challenge.

Hetty Schuppert is a co-owner and occasionally works at the guesthouse. As a biologist, I led hiking trips and arrived in Greece in 1994. Since then, I have worked as the director of S-Cape Travel Greece. I find it fantastic to show travelers, adventurers, and holidaymakers the most beautiful places in Greece. Taleton Eco Guesthouse fits perfectly into this picture.

Together with other staff members, we ensure that your room is cleaned, that a delicious breakfast is ready for you every day, that the garden blooms and grows, and much more. In short, we do everything to make sure you have a great time!

Join and support Taleton

Are you up for a longer stay in a village in a beautiful environment? To work, study, and also contribute a few hours a day? Taleton Eco Guesthouse is keen on fostering a sense of community. We need you for that. Send a message via the contact form.