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Taleton Eco Guesthouse serves as an ideal base for exploring the beautiful and interesting surroundings. Nearby, you’ll find ancient monasteries and quiet mountain villages nestled in the majestic mountains. Pay a visit to the renowned Sparta for captivating museums and to Mystras for the impressive remains of a deserted Byzantine city. For relaxation by the sea, the picturesque harbor town of Gythion with its beautiful sandy beaches is highly recommended. And the rugged Mani region is also easily accessible from Xirokambi. We’ll provide you with some tips and further information at the guesthouse.

Xirokambi lies at the foot of the Taygetos mountains. Good for hiking and exploring

Xirokambi and surroundings

Square Sparta for a nice coffee while you explore the city. Nearby Xirokambi

Sparta and surroundings

Mystras, UNESCO world heritage, from a distance


The old monastery Golas is connected via a hikingtrack with Koumoutsa near Xirokambi.


Gythio with lovely beaches. a great excursion from Xirokambi.


Deep into the Mani, Peloponnesos, Greece

The Mani