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Sparta and surroundings

Sparta, in ancient times both archenemy and ally of Athens, has a rich history. The modest, archaeological museum is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building. Here, you’ll learn a lot about the history of Sparta and admire beautiful mosaics. Also, visit the beautifully situated ancient Sparta. Amidst many olive trees, you’ll find the ruins of city walls, temples, and the ancient theater.


In the spacious olive and olive oil museum in Sparta, you’ll learn everything about the mythology, culture, and history of olive and olive oil production.


The Spartathlon is a highly challenging marathon and an extraordinary international event. Every autumn, numerous participants are challenged to follow in the footsteps of messenger Pheidippides, running from Athens to Sparta. An event that is definitely worth attending or participating in!

The Menelaion

On the top of Profitis Ilias, lie the ruins of an impressive pyramid-shaped temple. From the 8th century BC, the mythical King Menelaus and the beautiful Helen were worshipped here. A place of historical value and with a great view over the Evrotas valley and the Taygetos mountains!